Digital Predator or Prey?

“By 2020, every business will become either a digital predator or digital prey. The predators will be the companies able to achieve digital mastery, harnessing digital to create new sources of value for customers. The prey will remain Digital Dinosaurs, unable to evolve their proven business model until it’s too late.”

– Forrester Research


Digital Transformation Initiatives Fail

Source: McKinsey (2016)

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Douglas Ng is a digital strategist, researcher, and educator pushing the boundaries at the intersection of emerging technologies, new media, and design psychology to help organizations navigate the socioeconomic ramifications of disruptive innovation in the age of digital transformation.

Steps Towards Transformation


Establish business analytics and gain market insights to understand where you're at now and where your industry is headed.


Leverage your unique value proposition to get to the next level and build the agility to execute complex digital initiatives.


Get ahead of the competition, become an industry leader, and prepare for the future. Don't just do digital, be digital.

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User Experience Design

Emerging Technologies & Digital Strategy

Product Management for Web/Mobile Development

Content Production

Academic Teaching & Technical Training

Organizational Change Management

Research Design & Data Analytics

Business Development

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